Smarter Spanish Conjugations

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Why VerbFlex?

Study Smart, Not Hard

Conjugation tables aren’t just boring, they’re dumb. But VerbFlex is smart. Experience verbs in context with a database of 12 million Spanish-English sentences. Use frequency data, via our Vogue Score™, to drill down on verbs that actually matter for fluency.

Don’t Be Tense about Tenses

Terms like “Pluperfect Subjunctive” aren’t just scary, they’re useless. Ditch the jargon and master meaning. Our simple explanations and custom learning-lists reveal real-world Forms and Uses for every Spanish tense.

Get Experience

What’s the next best thing to Spanish-emersion? Games, Games, Games! Test your knowledge of different tenses or verb topics (like Cooking or Shopping) so that you’ll have the confidence to put your Spanish to work when it counts!

Choose Your Adventure!

You know what you need to take the next step along your journey to Spanish fluency, and VerbFlex is designed to help you all along your way.

We’ve curated over 650 Spanish infinitives that are proven to be critical to fluency. Focus on one infinitive at a time, master entire tenses, or base your studies on verb frequency data.

VerbFlex has custom builders and filters galore so that you can build your own lists and learn your way.

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